Hi 👋 I'm Akshith

I'm a graduate student at Oregon State University, where I study cybersecurity problems at the intersection of computer security and software engineering. I use static and dynamic program analysis to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in software systems and processes.

I'm advised by Dr. Rakesh Bobba and Dr. Yeongjin Jang. I've worked on interesting projects with researchers at PARC and SRI. In my free time, I pwn with OSUSEC, a student cybersecurity club at OSU.

The Notes section is my microblog. I write and constantly update the notes as I learn, re-learn, and unlearn things. So it is more for my own reference than a blog for others. If you do happen to find my notes interesting, feel free to subscribe to the feed.

You can also find me on mastodon, x, github, linkedin or ✉️ hello at [this domain].