I worked as a Research Intern at the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International this 2022 Summer.

The main research objective we started of with was:

How do we protect the integrity of open-source software projects from malicious actors and influence operations within the community?

The motivation for this research comes from the fact that open-source software has become a critical part of our infrastructure. And we have seen multiple attacks on open-source projects that have resulted in supply chain attacks and other security incidents downstream. With this larger goal in mind, we first tried to tackle a smaller problem:

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I interned at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at PARC during the Summer of 2021. The problem, at the high level was:

How would you go about removing backdoors from a control binary?

I primarily contributed to the binary de-compilation and program analysis work. Dabbed in a bit of program re-synthesis.

More details in the paper CONSTRUCT: A Program Synthesis Approach for Reconstructing Control Algorithms from Embedded System Binaries in Cyber-Physical Systems.

Here is a collection of security papers, specifically those related to Linux and published between 2000 and 2019 at top security conferences. I compiled this as part of my survey for my PhD qualifying exam.

You can find the repository akshithg/linux-security-papers