Reading & Note-taking on the web 21 Jun 2023

The workflow that failed me: Read something on the web. Find parts of it interesting. Add it to a read-it-later app. Forget about it. Or, actually get back to the article. Abandon it halfway because re-reading feels like wasted time. My read-it-later app turned into a bottomless pit of articles, bookmarks, videos, wishlist and all kinds of miscellaneous content.

I still dump everything interesting into my read-it-later app. But just not the content I read. When reading, I want to:

  1. Capture notes right there, not later. Else I'll forget.
  2. Keep only the interesting parts, not everything. Easy to revise and recall.
  3. Have context - look up the source. is a web annotation tool based on a web standard and with compelling principles. It has solved most of my web reading and note-taking problems. It comes with a bunch of additional features too.

  1. Social highlights - know what others found interesting.
  2. Collaborative highlights - for research/reading groups.
  3. Highlight feeds - to subscribe to people/tags/groups.

Think Medium's highlight feature, but for the entire web and better.

On mobile Safari Apple Shortcuts: Inject helps.